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Disability care support staff who come to your home

If you have a disabled person at home, a disability care support worker will come to the home and help you take care of the person. This care can take many different guises and the bottom line is, you do have to ask for it. Very often parents, or partners, feel the entire burden of looking after a disabled person, not knowing that help is very near and accessible. If you feel you need some help and support, reach out to the disabled organisation or disabled foundation in your city. You will immediately be put in touch with disability care support workers who can help you. It can be as simple as making a single phone call, asking for support.

Disability support services

Disabilities vary. Some are born with a disability, needing a disability care support worker from the very beginning, others may become disabled with age, through accident or through illness. A person may need support in bathing, dressing, feeding or caring for a disabled child or a disabled partner. They may need support in caring for an elderly parent or a sick sibling. And this care differs. Perhaps they need someone to come in and read to their child, partner or parent, stimulate them a little, take them out for a walk, or to the movies, or to a swimming club for the disabled. There is so much available, and yes, that can include swimming, surfing, basketball or football. Disabled people may want exactly what abled people have, and they are entitled to get it.

Different support workers are trained for different things but one thing you will find is that they are all kind. If you say what you are looking for, a huge burden will be lifted off your shoulders and a disability care support worker will help.

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