Complex 24/7 Care

Complex 24/7 Care

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Welcome to Hale Foundation's Comprehensive 24/7 Care Services

At Hale Foundation, we understand that some individuals face unique challenges that require unwavering support and care. Our commitment to providing exceptional care for those suffering from critical conditions is unwavering. Whether you or your loved one is dealing with diabetes, epilepsy, high-risk seizures, complex bowel care, feeding and naso-gastric tubes, management of tracheostomies, urinary catheters, subcutaneous injections, PEG feeding, ventilator management, crucial medication, or strict diet management, we are here for you.

What Sets Us Apart:

Our Range of Services

Diabetes Management

We assist with blood sugar monitoring, medication management, and lifestyle adjustments to help you live a fulfilling life with diabetes.

Epilepsy and Seizure Support

Our caregivers are trained to handle high-risk seizures and provide quick, effective responses when needed.

Complex Bowel Care

We offer compassionate care and assistance for individuals dealing with intricate bowel issues.

Feeding and Naso-Gastric Tubes

Our team ensures that you receive proper nutrition through various feeding methods.

Tracheostomy Management

For those with tracheostomies, we provide expert care to maintain airway health and safety.

Urinary Catheter Care

Our team is skilled in managing urinary catheters to prevent infections and ensure comfort.

Subcutaneous Injections

We administer subcutaneous injections with precision and care.

PEG Feeding

If you require PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) feeding, we're here to support you in maintaining your nutritional needs.

Ventilator Management

We have the expertise to manage ventilators, ensuring proper respiratory support.