What part of disability do you understand?

The word disability covers lot and people and agencies offering disability services in Perth understand that there are all kinds of disabilities. A disability can be something that happens at birth. A baby or a child can have physical disabilities. A new born baby can also become disabled through an extremely difficult birth. Then there are children afflicted with disabilities through illness, or through accident, exactly the same as adults. Disabilities come to people as they age. And disabilities can be physical and they can be mental. Disabilities cover a wide range of disabilities within themselves. A person without legs can still play basketball, if they have the capacity and the support and the equipment and the finances! A person with limited mental capacity can still attend school, again with the right support and equipment and finances. And we mention finances because it is true that people of privilege are able to better manage their disabilities, because of finances. But support services come in to play, as in Perth, and help people of all abilities.

Disability and finance

Thank goodness for folks offering support and disability services because without them many people would not manage. It is much easier to handle a disability when there is support, emotional, physical and financial. Anyone with a disability can reach out to support professionals and disability foundations and if they have not done so, should do so right now. Getting support for a disabled person could involve feeding and clothing them, bathing them and offering general care. Getting support could be taking a disabled person into the garden for some sunshine, or taking them on a walk. It could even be taking a person to learn how to swim all over again, or go scuba diving! As we say, there are disabilities within disabilities and disability services in Perth offer all kinds of help to all kinds of people.

Important questions to ask a disability support worker

When hiring Perth disability support services, there are some important questions you need to ask. You need to ensure that the person you are hiring is both ready to work, knowledgeable and confident. Here are some important questions you should ask a disability worker.

Can you work under pressure?

When you ask this question, you want to know how well the employee can handle stress. It is, therefore, good for the candidate to provide examples of how they will manage stressful situations – especially the ones related to the job. It is important that the candidate does not use the last job as an example. They can still use great examples from their personal life.

What specific trait do you have that will help you in this position

When you ask this question when hiring a disability support worker, you want to discuss their experiences and relate them to how the traits will help them in their new job. This will show that the candidate is confident and passionate about the position.

What have you done to prepare for this job?

By asking this question, you need to be sure that the candidate has prepared for the job. This question will give you an indication that the candidate is self-motivated. The answer will show you that the candidate doesn’t need to be told what to do in order to grow professionally and personally.

What does your job entail?

When you ask this question, you want to know whether the candidate knows what their job entails. While you will have explained the responsibilities of the support worker in the job description, they should go beyond what you have listed.

This shows that the candidate knows the Perth disability support services they are supposed to provide. It also shows that they have experience in the position.