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Our team specialises in disability care helps you to get the freedom to live your life how you choose. We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. we are committed to supporting people and their families living with disabilities, to help them achieve their goals. Our purpose is to help our participants to thrive and have a good life. At Hale Foundation, we put the care of our participants at the centre of everything we do as they are the reason we exist. Our services range from complex high care, including private in-home care and nursing services, through to social support, daily living assistance and community access, for people in all over Perth and throughout WA.

Why choose Hale Foundation for your Support Services?


To us, you are not just a number, or an account, or even just another individual; you are an integral part of our community. Our priority is getting to know you as a person, building a supportive team around your needs, and helping you achieve what you set out to.


Our Team is comprised of highly experienced Support Workers and Management Staff; all from varying walks of life. We work hard to match you up with the best Support Workers around; those that can speak your language, have the same interests, and have experience working with like-minded people.


Our team is always active, committed to ensuring you have the supports you need in place when you need them. Our Team are committed to providing the best Customer Service in the industry, and that’s why people choose us!

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Rozzie En

I have just changed from a well known agency to Hale and it’s the best decision I have made. I now have a balanced multi-cultural team 24/7 and they are fabulous. I can highly recommend them.


New to Hale, within a few weeks I know I have chosen wisely. Having experienced another agency I was becoming unstable in my home with lack of Carers and often left to my own devices instead of 24/7 care which was promised. Now with Hale I feel safe, supported and empowered with the full care they committed to provide. Carers are professional, supportive and cheerful - definitely positive to be around. Thanks to this routine my mental health has improved and once more I feel more settled at home. 🤗 thank you Hale for your ongoing support and the standard of care offered.

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